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* Rest of India will get a chance to see the lunar trifecta between 5:18pm and 6:21pm. The west coast and parts of Rajasthan will witness the event from 6:21pm to 7:37pm. The eclipse is expected to last for one hour and 16 minutes.

Super blue blood moon


How to watch the celestial event


The rare lunar triple treat as seen in Manila, Philippines. (AP Photo)

* In India, the phenomenon will be seen by the people of northeast, who will be able to witness the event between 4:21pm and 5:18pm.

* There hasn’t been a triple lineup like this since 1982 and the next won’t occur until 2037.

* Tonight, much of the world will get to see not only a blue moon and a supermoon, but also a total lunar eclipse, all rolled into one.

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