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NEW DELHI: Pictures of Congress president Rahul Gandhi on board a flight to Guwahati yesterday are going viral.

Why? Because they appear to show he’s a well brought up man.

Here’s what happened: The Congress president was on his way from Delhi to Guwahati, via Shillong, according to some fellow passengers who shared the information on Twitter.

During the usual pre-take off jostling for luggage space in the overhead bins, Rahul stepped up to help co-passengers put up their luggage and make space for others’ bags too.

In a country where most people are used to politicians behaving like VVIPs, this gesture had Twitter all abuzz, with many approving and lauding the Congress president’s gesture. They complimented him for behaving like a common, decent person.

Rahul also smilingly obliged people who wanted to be photographed with him.

“This shows the true character of Congress President Shri. Rahul Gandhi ji, such a down to earth person,” was what one person said on Twitter about Rahul’s gesture.

Not long ago, Rahul’s mother and erstwhile Congress president Sonia Gandhi, similarly acquiesced to being photographed with people who waned ‘selfies’. This happened while she was on vacation at a Goa resort. Pictures of her on a bicycle, smiling and looking more relaxed than she’s done in a long while, became a hit on social media.

Actor Riteish Deshmukh also retweeted a picture of Sonia and Goa.

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